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coco peat beds are covered with Green nets to prevent weed formation . Coco peat from coir industry has high levels of salt in it(High EC) . For potting substrates the EC has to be reduced by washing. The beds are washed with fresh water. Borewell water is never used as its electrical conductivity is higher. The well water that is used for washing is well protected from contamination by animals or humans. The EC of this water is 0.25 Ms/cm

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Drying & Collection

After washing, it is left to dry in natural sun light.  Once it is dry ,a sample is checked every 1 feet depth and every 10 meter radius for EC and Moisture. Once the sample passes the testing, they are packed in bags and taken for sieving and Compression. If proper care is not taken while taking the dried material , sand gets mixed with the coco peat in the beds. Coco peat from the bottom 1 feet is never taken, as this can add sand .

Creation of Beds

The land is first cleaned from herbs and weeds. Once the yard is clean ,it is covered with  upper waste (the waste that is obtained from 6 mm sieving of coco peat) for 1 feet height. This is done to protect the coco peat from sand. The unwashed coco peat from the coir factory is brought to the yard and beds are created. Height of the beds is limited to 5 feet. If it is greater than 5 feet ,it might increase the EC of the coco peat. The reason being, when the coco peat is washed, the salt water gets collected in the middle ,if the height of the bed is more than 5 feet. On a sunny day ,this salt water will evaporate and will make all the coco peat above as high EC. All the beds are protected using green nets.