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Fines Sieving

Coco peat  is composed of  
  • Coarse particles 

  • powdered particles called Fines 

The amount of fines in the coco peat is determined by the crusher  in the coir industry. Poor design of crusher  can lead to excess fines in the coco peat. This will in turn  reduce expansion volume.
Fines in the coco peat are removed using a 0.5 mm Mesh . It removes around 20 % of fines that is present in the coco peat.

Sieving ( Long length fibers)

Coco peat coming from the washing and drying yards contains long length fibers( Fiber length greater than 1 cm ) in it. The long length fibers increases the air porosity in the coco peat. But some horticultural applications demand the coco peat to be free from the long length fibers ,which hinder the development of the root system. It can be sieved to the following variants :​

Coco peat blocks are compressed to reduce transportation cost. Loose coco peat occupies more space. The compression machine are of different types. we own 5 kg machine and a 650 gram machine. 
The 5 kg machine compresses the coco peat into blocks of dimension 30 cm X 30 cm X 13 cm.
The compression ratio is 5:1
The 650 gram machine compresses the coco peat into blocks of dimension 20 cm X 10 cm X 5 cm.
The compression ratio is 8:1  . If there is too much moisture in the loose coco peat, the blocks will be sticking to each other. Using a moisture meter(shown in the picture), the moisture in the loose coco peat  is verified to be less than 15 %

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