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Ravi kumar has completed his  Bachelors in Computer science . We from an agricultural back ground.Our production capacity is around 500 MT / month.The nearest airport is Coimbatore around 1 hour drive from Pollachi. The nearest sea port is Tuticorin around 350 kms from Pollachi. Pollachi due its tropical climate and good rainfall, suits coconut cultivation and there is no shortage of coconut husks, which is the main raw material for the coir and coco peat industry.We give equal importance to the right blending of small fibers and fine particles, which give evergreen products its excellent porosity and water retention capacity.

​Mission Statement

"A business that earns only money is not a business... Our main motto is to produce Quality coco peat to help horticulture, floriculture and hydroponic growers by maintaining standard and quality in all the steps of our manufacturing process."

Our Com​pany

The company was started by Mr. Ravikumar (Refer to the photo)  in 2014.  Evergreen coirs is the exporting division of our company. The manufacturing division is called sri bagavathiamman coirs and has been operational since 2011. Our manufacturing division is situated in Nattukalpalayam , about 3 kms from pollachi. We have our own coir factory and a curling unit , manufacturing curled ropes.​

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